mSpy – the best solution for tracking smartphones & computers.
Remotely track and control activity on smartphones & computers

Usemspy provides newest computer and mobile monitoring software by using advanced tracking technology. Our software is fully compatible with iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows.

Our aim is to guarantee a software that satisfies needs of our clients and provides best results for a low price.

With our software, you will be able to:

  • Track location

With Usempy you can be remotely aware of the location of another mobile phone. You can look after your children or your employees and find out with precision where and when they were.
You can find your lost phone if you ever lose it, because our software will continue to send information about the current location of the device. Even if your phone was stolen, you can find its location and return it back.

  • View media files

Do you want to know what pictures do your kids make? Do you want to see all the pictures made by your employees?
Usemspy allows you to see all made, copied and download images.

  • View contact lists

Usemspy allows you to view all the contacts in the phone book on another mobile device or tablet. You can see their names, phone numbers, emails, particular web sites, and other information. You can also see their addresses and the companies in which they work. You can easily find suspicious people in the phone book on their mobile phone.

For example, you can make a backup of contacts from a mobile phone. You will also have access to phone book, even when the user has deleted contacts from his device.

  • View browser history

With the application Usemspy, you can monitor Web sites that are visited by your kids or employees from their smartphones or computers. You will find detailed information on the websites visited – URL-addresses, time of visit.
Usemspy provides complete data security. No one except you will have access to your personal area. In addition, an application for monitoring of mobile phones is undetectable. There are no icons or other kinds of visual notification in the list of applications supporting the application. There is no way to detect it in the target device.

  • Read SMS

Usemspy application allows you to view all the standard text messages sent or received by the mobile operator.
You can read the content of text messages, and see when and by whom they were sent.

The application fixes the SMS at the time of sending / receiving. Once the mobile phone receives the SMS, it is instantly downloaded to your personal account. Thus, even if the user has deleted some messages from the History of SMS, they will still be stored. You can sort all messages by date and time.

  • View device information

Usemspy tracks and monitors the mobile phone, collects information about the mobile phone, which has been installed.
You can also see the current number of mobile phone operating system that is installed on and check the total and free memory on your mobile phone. You can even locate a mobile phone thanks to the information from the mobile network – for this type of tracking there is no need in GPS. Other data such as the SIM card number, telephone number and many others are also available.


Usemspy has very strict standards for safety of your data. One of our principles is to encrypt data, which means that all of the collected data from the phone is immediately encoded and then stored encrypted on the device provided.


When you purchase Usemspy products, you get not only the innovative monitoring software, but also a company that is committed to providing you with 24/7 customer support.

If you have any questions, please use the provided email or just fill in the Contact Form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.