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Installed Applications

Installed Applications

Do you want to know about suspicious application installed on target device?

You will be able to:

Track all downloaded apps including games, social networking, etc.

View all the applications through the Control Panel.

Why is this feature helpful?

With the help of mSpy you will be able to monitor all file operations – creating, changing, deleting, etc. The can sort the information recorded in chronological order, with the possibility of display operations only on removable media (USB-flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, etc.), providing an additional tool to get the necessary information on user.

Installed and block Apps

Application blocking

You can now fully control the applications and software installed on a target device with mSpy’s Software Blocking feature. You can use this feature to block any phone application you consider harmful to your children or work.

You will be able to:

Monitor the programs installed on a target device.

Decide which application are to be blocked.

Protect kids and information at home and at work.

Why is this feature helpful?

In the modern world of new technologies, rather numerous nowadays, there are harmless programs that are used for entertaining or educational purposes and harmful applications that might be damaging in moral or financial way.


mSpy’s keylogging option allows you to see all text typed on a target device or tablet.

You will be able to:

View all keyboard strokes made on the target device.

See keylogger logs remotely from your Control Panel.

Why is this feature helpful?

With our Keylogger software you can be sure that your children are safe online when chatting in social networks and visiting different websites. If you worry about staff monitoring, mSpy’s monitoring feature will let you know about those employees who want to leak any confidential data and prevent them from doing so.

Keylogger Panel

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