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Browsing History

mSpy gives you an access to all activity that took place in the monitored device’s web browser.

You will be able to:

View all browsing history on target device.

See the actual time of website visit.

Check web history without need to jailbreak your phone or tablet.

Why is this feature helpful?

Are you wondering where does your traffic go? Monitoring the computer will help you to answer this question. You will receive a detailed report on all the sites visited by the user. In addition, a list of addresses in history will help you to know what sites he visits. Now you can make clear why your employees do not have time to prepare a monthly report.

Browser History

Website Bookmarks

mSpy allows you to see all websites bookmarks in the target device.

You will be able to:

View a full list of visited websites.

See the date and time of visit.

Why is this feature helpful?

This option allows you to see most frequent website visited by your children or employees and see whether they are misusing their internet privileges.

Blocking Websites

With mSpy you can block access to any websites that you set.

You will be able to:

Block unwanted or inappropriate websites.

Set specific time when the access to certain websites will be blocked.

Why is this feature helpful?

By using this option, you may block the content that may contain harmful content or violate corporate policy.

Block Websites

Wi-Fi Networks

With this option, you can get target device coordinates and data about each Wi-Fi hotspot that the target device uses.

You will be able to:

Manage the wireless connections right from your Control Panel.

View the name of the Wi-Fi access point.

View the actual location of a wireless access point.

See the type of connection it is (Public, WPA, WPA2, WPA-PSK, etc.)

Know the time and date when the connection was established / disabled.

Why is this feature helpful?

This feature allow you to identify the Wi-Fi access point the user connects to via only Cell ID when the GSP location is disabled. mSpy will provide you with precise location information.

Map View

Map View

Wi-Fi List

Wi-Fi List

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