mSpy – the best solution for tracking smartphones & computers.
Remotely track and control activity on smartphones & computers

It may seem wrong to someone, but control over children is an important component of education. If you want your children to grow happy – controls them. Moreover, this should be done discreetly and quietly. mSpy helps you to cope with such a task.

mSpy will help you to:

  • Track calls & see contact lists

  • View emails

  • Read IM chats

  • Track GPS locations

Track GPS locations

Such a system for tracking as mSpy is one of the most effective of all available today. If somebody steals your phone or you lose it, our service will track your phone and it will be seen on the interactive map, pointing at the current phone location.

This feature is the best assistant for the parents to control their children and relatives. If the child went for a walk, the GPS system will be constantly monitoring the child’s phone, taking the coordinates of from the satellites, its location and redirecting it to the application. You will see the information in your personal control panel.

Track calls & see contact lists

With the help of mSpy you will be able to see all the incoming/outgoing calls and see their duration. In addition, our software can be set up to restrict calls made from a number, defined by user.

Whatsapp monitoring

Monitoring of WhatsApp on Android will allow you to make sure that people close to you do not use this instant messenger to hide conversation and messages. In addition, using mSpy for WhatsApp on Android makes it possible to monitor the child and his circle of friends.

Snapchat monitoring

It is no secret that the instant photo messaging service Snapchat is nowadays very popular. By using mSpy you will be able to see all the files sent from/to the target device.

A great advantage of our application – the possibility of hidden monitoring even for seemingly insignificant operations. Therefore, you will always know the contents of the clipboard without which a normal pc user in the course of working on the computer simply cannot do.

Media files tracking

With the help of mSpy you will be able to monitor all file operations – creating, changing, deleting, etc. The can sort the information recorded in chronological order, with the possibility of display operations only on removable media (USB-flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, etc.), providing an additional tool to get the necessary information on user.

Sms/mms monitoring

With the help of our monitoring program mSpy you will be able to discreetly and quietly listen to the mobile phone, and be aware of all the conversations on the mobile phone of your child, spouse, etc.

With the help of our monitoring software, you will be invisible and view both incoming and outgoing calls. It is possible to maintain control of incoming and outgoing SMS messages. The application allows monitoring SMS and MMS messages and reading all SMS messages that were sent or received by mobile phone. You will be able to view the history of incoming and outgoing calls, statistics, phone numbers, date, time, name in the address book and more.