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Device Wipeout

With this mSpy feature, you will be able to remotely activate the wipeout command option on the target device.

You will be able to:

Clean your device’s data in when someone steals the device.

Set the wipeout function directly from your Control Panel.

You must take into consideration that the wipeout command is not reversible and should be used only in emergencies.

Why is this feature helpful?

If you have your own business and you keep all-important information on your phone or other device, you will be in danger if someone steals your private information. With mSpy’s Device Wipeout option, you can clean all you confidential data stored on your device and be sure that somebody else will not view your data.

Device Locking

By using this mSpy feature, you will be able to remotely activate the lockout command on a target device.

You will be able to:

Send the lockout command if your device has been stolen.

Lock/unlock a monitored device right from your Control Panel.

Use this option as an alternative method to the Device Wipeout feature.

Why is this feature helpful?

Stealing personal information is too common nowadays. That is why you need to be sure that your information is secured. But what happens if someone steals your device?By locking a tracked device with mSpy’s Device Locking option, you can be sure that no private information gets shared with other people, regardless of the device location.

Additional Device Info

In addition to tracking all the activities that are made on the target device, mSpy also allows you to access additional information on the monitored smartphone or tablet.

You will be able to:

See the current battery charging status on the target device.

View the type of internet connection used (Wi-Fi or cellular).

Track which mobile operator is used by target device.

Why is this feature helpful?

Sometimes you wonder where your children or employees are when they are not answering the phone or do not come to the meeting. By using mSpy’s Device Information option, you can immediately see whether the battery load of the tracked device and the speed of his internet connection.

Phone Management

Control Panel

By logging into mSpy’s Control Panel you will see your personal command center where you can remotely track, view, block and operate every function that takes place on the target device.

With mSpy’s Control Panel, you will have access to:

The dashboard view feature.

Individual activity options.

Help option page.

Search options.

You also have the ability to:

Add and monitor more than one device at once. Block user access. Export stored data into XLS, CSV or PDF files.

Comprehensive Help pages.

Why is this feature helpful?

With mSpy’s personal Control Panel, controlling your children and employees becomes very easy task. By logging into your personal Control Panel, you will have direct access to all monitored activity. You can block suspicious websites or programs, remotely lock the device or clean its data, export logs into various formats, and get comprehensive reports about the tracked device’s usage. You can access your personal Control Panel from any PC with Internet connection, so you are notified on the tracked information in every corner of the world.