mSpy – the best solution for tracking smartphones & computers.
Remotely track and control activity on smartphones & computers

Current GPS Location

mSpy helps you to monitor the location of your kids or employees.

Find the location even when regular GPS is unavailable.

Check all information just by logging into your Control Panel.

Why is this feature helpful?

Such a system for tracking as mSpy is one of the most effective of all available today. If somebody steals your phone or you lose it, our service will track your phone and it will be seen on the interactive map, pointing at the current phone location.

Current GPS Location


Geo-fencing feature means that you can set a virtual barrier and when the target device enters the defined barrier, you are notified.

You will be able to:

Set as many forbidden zones, as you want.

Be notified about zone entrance or/and exit.

View the history of movements on map.

Why is this feature helpful?

Geo-fencing option helps parents to protect their children, by setting dangerous zones and being notified when their child reaches that particular zone.

Geo Fencing

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